Giving new employees a great onboarding experience is essential and around 60% of businesses don’t set any goals or milestones.

It’s important for you to have an amazing onboarding plan... here it is

Before your new hire starts

• Talk to the new employee's future manager to understand their aims and objectives for the first few weeks
• Get all the essential documents ready, including induction checklists, new starter forms and an employee handbook
• Make sure they have a clean, tidy workstation with all the equipment they'll need
• Create accounts for them to access email, software and any websites essential for their role
• Send them any information you'd like them to read before they start, giving them enough time to digest it

Day 1

• Introduce your newbie to the rest of the team and show them around the office. A warm welcome goes a long way
• Verify their ID and right to work in the UK and go over their P45, if applicable
• Provide them with all the materials they need to get the hang of their new role
• Walk them through key health and safety points, like the location of fire exits and the first aid kit
• Explain precisely what they'll be doing and how their role contributes to the bigger picture

Week 1

• Assign them a challenging-yet-doable project that showcases their skills without overwhelming them
• Make sure they've read and filled out all relevant documents, such as employment contracts and induction checklists
• Set clear goals and milestones for their probation period and schedule regular probation review meetings

Month 1

• Share your company's long-term goals and how you envision them contributing to the journey
• Check in with them to ensure they're happy in their role and crystal clear about your expectations
• Help them build relationships with colleagues who they’ll be working closely with

With this onboarding checklist in hand, you're all set. But as always, if you need a hand, you can arrange a call with me to discuss this HERE