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Not a "nice to have" for a business who employs people, it's essential!

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Having HR support will undoubtedly enhance your business... which is why this service has the name Black Kat Enhanced.

Having great people policies and working practices which are applied fairly and consistently will allow you comply with employment law, keep your employees happy and motivated, protect your business and ultimately avoiding the worst case scenario which is having to close the business as a result of a hefty financial award at an employment tribunal that your business simply cannot withstand.

Now, as a smaller business you don't need an internal HR department right now but you DO need access to specialist HR expertise to allow you to meet with your legal obligations and protect your business.

Photo of Gez Morrall, Managing Director of ITEC
Black Kat HR is a perfect support solution to any business. Black Kat HR allows us to get on with our business knowing that any changes to HR related legislation etc we will be kept up to date. If you are looking for HR support I would highly recommend Black Kat HR are a team of professionals and clearly describe the assistance they can give you and more. The service they provide ITEC is completed promptly with very clear communication. Excellent service and thank you to all the Black Kat team for your support.
Gez Morrall
Managing Director
Independent Training and Education Consultants


By using Black Kat HR as your outsourced partner, you can relax safe in the knowledge that for a fraction of the cost of employing even the most junior HR employee, you will have access to:

  • Bespoke contracts of employment for all your current and future employees.
  • A HR handbook setting out all of your people policies.
  • Consultancy help to apply your people processed fairly and consistently to avoid unnecessary risk.
  • Unlimited updates to your employment contract master terms and HR handbook as the law and/or your business change.
  • Access to me as your friendly, jargon free HR specialist as often as you need me by phone and priority email (No call centres here!).
  • 24/7 access to my online HR resource centre containing templated letters and forms which are constantly reviewed and updated for you to access any time and anywhere.
  • My bespoke letter writing service relating to areas such as contract amendments, invitations and outcomes to disciplinary hearings, grievance hearings and appeals plus many more.
  • Monthly HR updates to keep you informed.

As if all of that isn't enough, you get full access to my 20+ years of operational Management and HR experience making me a great sounding board. Also, you get the benefit of all the learnings I take from working with other clients and my own personal ongoing development in my specialist area as HR and employment law is constantly changing meaning I can add maximum value to your business - ALWAYS.

Let's chat about how we could work together.

Photo of Sophia Ali, Managing Consultant of Minx Consulting
Talented people are in abundance, but humility and talent are a magical combination! Kat is one of those rare combinations, motivated, forward thinking and smart. She has exceptional expertise in HR Consulting, HR Management and Strategic HR. If you're looking for a 'genuine expert' then look no further, Kat's your woman!
Sophia Ali
Managing Consultant
Minx Consulting


Photo of Allyssa Machen, Accounts & Office Manager at Bison Frames UK Ltd
We find it very helpful to work with Black Kat HR. They are easy to work with, have down to earth staff who bring clarity to issues which can sometimes be a minefield. The Enhanced plan is perfect for us, as we need a constant go to service with easy access to information that is time critical when making important staffing decisions. We need to ensure we were compliant with ever changing regulations and have confidence that the guidelines we are adhering to are correct. It's good value for money. We would absolutely recommend the service, because you feel supported throughout and confident that you are making the correct decisions, having the right conversations. Also, we have sent a number of our managers on the Black Kat HR training courses, which are especially helpful and informative.
Allyssa Machen
Accounts & Office Manager
Bison Frames


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Black Kat HR offers a personal and friendly Human Resources service, giving you access to a HR expert without the need to employ a member of staff. Supporting businesses in South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. We cover Barnsley, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Wakefield, Leeds, Pontefract, Huddersfield and many more.

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